Garden Update

Our garden has been enjoying this wettish, coolish then hottish weather we’ve been having.

This bed has red impatiens that are very happy, morning glories that are moderately happy, zinnias that are giving it a good effort, pansies that apparently scream “I’m a toilet!” to every animal in the county, freesias that deserve a medal for sticktoitiveness, and 2 pots of chocolate mint that we are now convinced are utterly indestructible. We have got to find a use for this mint. We’ve had some success with “making” our own vanilla extract, and we’re wondering if a similar principle would work with mint. It’s chocolate mint.  It seems like a moral imperative to find a way to use it.

As you walk through our neighbor’s driveway and turn to our garden, here’s what you see first. In the very front is corn and pumpkins. Behind those, somewhat invisible, are some baby peppers and tomatoes. Further beyond are greens, strawberries and another larger tomato. This side of the wire fence houses the sugar snap peas that are starting to feel the heat. The other side of the metal fence has onions and squash.

Here are some of the heat-bedraggled sugar snap peas. We’ve been enjoying them raw the past few days and we’re hoping they’ll last a bit longer so we can enjoy some more. The wasps seem to love these. Kaele says they’re pollinating. That sounds awfully tame. I think they’re organizing their revolution.

These next three pictures scan the raised bed from right to left. Peppers (big and small) are in the back. Beans are closest. We planted some carrots in between the beans but they’ve been a little shy. To the left you can see the beginning of tomato zone.

Tomato zone! We have big plans for canning if we can get a good crop. Back in the black pots are more tomatoes, peppers and basil.  Some bigger basil is in the left foreground. Bruschetta, here we come.

Mmmm…I can almost smell that basil! There are sweet potatoes behind the basil, and cucumbers are along the very back metal fence.

This is to the left of the picture before it…outside the fence, more squash and onions, corn, pumpkins and sunflowers.

Here’s a closeup of some of our greens and strawberries. We are hoping it will be a full strawberry patch next spring. The lettuces and spinach are bolting after the heat, but we may leave them there for weed control and a little sun protection for the strawberries.

It’s been a productive month! We’ve enjoyed lots of salad greens, and have just begun with the sugar snap peas. Maybe by next month we’ll have started enjoying some other produce!


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