Full Swing

Junior Golf has started for Jonathan, Andy and Katie, and it is all golf golf golf with those three now.  It’s the boys’ second year in the program and Katie’s first. All the first timers have to take a required beginners class, which theoretically equips them with the skills and knowledge of the rules to begin playing on the course.  Katie’s having a blast, despite the chilly and wet early mornings she’s enjoyed.  The boys, having punched their beginner class tickets, have moved on to more course play. Their program has them reviewing rules and playing 4 holes…and the course management is very supportive of these young golfers and generously provides for them to continue practicing on the course if they’ve got time after their “classes.” The boys are thrilled about this, and are taking advantage of it by finishing out their round today.

We’re grateful to the Wichita Junior Golf Foundation, and all the volunteers and sponsors that make it so accessible for young people to learn and love the game of golf!


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