This morning was a big one for Miss Katie, as the Junior Golf Beginners’ group went out on the course and played 3 complete holes. Up to this point, they’ve worked on different elements of the game, but never put it all together.  Her tee time was 7:10 this morning, so she had to be there at 6:55.

Sean walked along with Katie’s group so he could get some pictures of this momentous event. Bless the man for being willing to get up and take her.

I have no idea if this looks good or not, but yay for action shots!

Sean tells me Katie was lining up a putt here. I think it’s cool she’s using a pink ball. It even matches her shirt.

Katie reports that she scored 7, 7 & 5 on her three holes, using slightly modified rules for squirts.  Way to go, Katie! Your brothers should be shaking in their spikes.


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