Golf Tournament

Today the boys paired up with Sean and Sean’s dad to compete in a Junior Golf Tournament. Andy and Sean were a team and John and Jonathan were on a team.  The girls went to watch and ride in the carts, and Kaele and I walked along for a few holes and clapped politely, as a good gallery should.  We did not once yell “GET IN THE HOLE!” or “YOU DA MAN!!!”

I remembered the camera and took a few photos…

Andy on the first tee. The Juniors teed off the odd numbered holes, and the adults off the evens. Each team played one ball, alternating shots.

Sometimes this alternating shots thing worked well, sometimes not so well…

Good thing these girls were there to help keep everyone in line.

Ellie had her first lessons in golf etiquette today…no yelling, running on greens, making fun of your brothers…

But saying “HONK HONK” when there’s a walker on the cart path who happens to be your mother is completely acceptable.

I loved seeing how the boys have improved!

They’ve improved so much that they could intentionally take advantage of the shade provided by these trees off to the left of the fairway. I’m sure they meant to…

Sean tells me that Jonathan’s developed monster drives and Andy has an Arnold Palmer complex that convinces him he has the ability to make ridiculous shots. You know what? I saw him make one. Crazy burgers.

The boys were looking forward to this for weeks…nothing like time together.


2 responses to “Golf Tournament

  1. Talk about “hot off the press”–great pics! O’Poppie had a fun-time. I’m so glad he got to partner up with the guys. You get the prize for “Best Family Supporters”. All that walking in this miserable heat….you’re better women than I!

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