Junior Golf Awards Day

I know it seems like this blog has been overtaken by golf, but it’s been a big deal for our family this summer with 3 Brandtlings involved. This week is definitely the high point for the year, as the boys’ term of Junior Golf ended this morning with an awards ceremony and half the family will be volunteering for several days at the Wichita Open (Nationwide Tour) that is happening this coming weekend.

We’re all very proud of them for all their hard work and character growth this summer. We can’t say enough about what a wonderful program the Wichita Junior Golf Foundation is.

Jonathan is holding awards for first place in the 2-day 9 hole Club championship and for first place in the Center Line competition.

Andy’s holding a first place trophy for the Long Putt competition for his group and a third place medal for his flight in the Club championship.

The boys have been playing golf for about a year now, and absolutely love it. They started their Jr Golf summer this year in the 4-holes group, and both of them improved enough to move up to the 9-holes group within a few weeks.

Well done, young men!

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