Refrigerator DILLS!

The refrigerator pickles I showed in an earlier post are a family recipe, tried and true.  This weekend I branched out to try another refrigerator pickle recipe, this time a dill. This blog post was what finally pushed me over the edge to try it.

They are fantastic. Yes, Rachel, they look like they’re swimming in pond water, but this particular pond water is magical.  I’m not a huge fan of dill pickles, but I love these, and Sean pronounced them awesome.

I’m hoping our cucumber plants survive this horrid heat and I can get a batch of canned dills in the pantry, too.

Oh, in case you try this recipe, let me tell you I filled 3 quart-ish sized recycled glass jars with spices and cukes before pouring the brine over all of it, and I had enough brine left to have filled another jars’ worth.


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