Wichita Open Junior Golf Clinic

Well, if this wasn’t just the coolest thing ever, I don’t know what was. I wish I could have bottled up the emotions Jonathan, Andy and Katie were feeling after this terrific event…they were beyond cloud 9.  As part of the Open festivities, some of the pros give a couple hours of their time to work with young local golfers and help them love and learn the game.

Let me take you through what Ellie and I saw as we came to watch the end of the session:

Walking up the drive to the practice greens of the beautiful Crestview Country Club, we got a feel for the large number of pros who had turned out to participate in this event.

We spied Katie on the putting green, learning how to line up putts like a pro. (She’s in the light green shirt closest to us. I was hesitant to get closer and all I had on me was my cell phone, so use your imaginary zoom function.)

We watched Katie for a while, and then kept walking until we found the boys at the driving range, getting some instruction on the full swing. Andy’s in the dark green shirt with the white cap, looking like he’s trying to crush it. Jonathan’s shadow golfing in the white polo and tan shorts.

See the guy off to the right on his knees?  They got the kid who had hit it the furthest during the clinic and had him hit a drive. It was a monster. Then this pro got on his knees and hit the ball with the driver past the other young man’s ball to demonstrate to the kids how driving is all about what happens with the shoulders. Cool. I wouldn’t want to wash his white pants after driving from his knees, no sir.

The whole group. I know, the photography is stellar. Use your imaginary zoom again. Katie was the only girl that came. She was informed that she was sure to be on the LPGA. I asked her if she’d gotten that in writing and she just giggled. I guess that’s a no?

Yeah, just your every day neighborhood golf pros, hanging out with 3 of my favorite people and giving them an experience they’ll never forget…

…thanks, guys. I really appreciate it.  And so do they.


2 responses to “Wichita Open Junior Golf Clinic

  1. This is just so cool!!! I’m confused by one thing though…I thought you wrote that you only had your cell phone. How can this be? I’m certain you were trained better than that!!!!! I’m so proud of your young-uns!

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