The Grand Finale

Now that I’ve mostly recovered from the roasting we received yesterday (4 Brandts in a 112* oven for 5 hours = poached people) I can share the fun we had.  After church, the girlies went to play with Nana and Poppie while the rest of us went to catch the last few hours of the final round of the Wichita Open. The boys and Sean got in free as part of their perks for being volunteers.

We brought lawn chairs and camped out right by the 18th green. Great seats!  Sean and I wandered over to the 17th green to witness caddy races to the green and the loud, rapturous joy from all the fans in the bleachers when someone got a birdie on the hole and earned all the fans a free cheeseburger.  If you’ve never heard a multitude chanting “CHEESE-BUR-GER!” while anticipating a birdie putt from a professional golfer, you just haven’t lived, man.  The boys told me they heard someone who’d camped out on 17 all weekend boasting about the 19 cheeseburger coupons he’d collected. Outstanding.

It was HOT.  I might have mentioned that already. We found a place that would eventually be shaded, but it was full sun for a few hours. Andy’s about medium rare in this photo.

I brought knitting.

I know, the shock about knocked you over, right?

It was a pretty exciting last round. We kept watch on the leader board and saw some dramatic shifts, and the suspense lasted through the very last putt. If he’d made it, it would have forced a playoff. He missed it by just a skosh.

The boys are already looking forward to next year.

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