Morning Glories

I adore morning glories.  I remember having them in the yard when I was a child, and I loved them then.

Kaele and I have been having some discussions about morning glories lately. I would be perfectly content with having them take over the entire yard and cover the house, garage, fences, etc.  Kaele insists that they have an obnoxious tendency to reseed themselves and compete with garden plants. I think she has even called them weeds.  She was not nearly as thrilled as I was to discover some “wild” (unplanted) morning glories climbing up the corn in the garden. I thought they were pretty.

In any case, this year we tried some fun with the morning glory seeds Katie harvested from our plants last year. Our first experiment was to try and have them grow up around an ugly tall stump that may or may not be in our yard.

Our second experiment was Katie’s special request, which was to try to grow some morning glories up the old gas lantern in the front yard.  These have really taken off.

Hard to see that lamp post, isn’t it?  These vines were so vigorous that I felt the need to give them somewhere to go, so Sean, to appease a wild hair of mine, managed to tie a line from the top of the lamp post, above and across the sidewalk, over a tree branch near the street. Kaele and Sean have teased me about this wild notion, but I do not care. How cool would it be to walk under a bridge of cheerful morning glories on your way to school?  I’m calling it community service and ignoring the teasing.

These beauties climbed up our mailbox and onto and around the white brick column on the corner of the house.  I get so excited to see all the buds forming, promising more cheerful blooms to come.

Weed, indeed. 😉


One response to “Morning Glories

  1. I used to have morning glories on a trellis outside of my bedroom window when I was growing up. I loved them so much. They seem to be everywhere out here, just growing here and there, as they please. I took pictures once, while out on an early morning walk. They looked so beautiful, in the early morning light, with the dew still on them. 🙂

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