DIY Teacher’s Chess Board

The children are VERY excited that TEAM (our home school co op) begins again this Monday. They are especially excited about this semester because of the classes they’ll have. It’s not often that they are thrilled about all of their classes (dissection, anyone?), but this semester is packed full of fun.

I’m teaching Chess to Katie’s class this semester.  I don’t why it makes me giggle to think of her being so enthusiastic about this subject, but I’ll take it!

As I was preparing the lesson plans for this class, I realized that I really needed a large something to show a board and demonstrate legal moves and strategies. I priced them online, and they were way beyond the class budget. I’m not sure I saw any below $40, and that one didn’t include pieces.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I present to you:

The Cheap Mom’s DIY Demonstration Chess Set.

For the price of some sharpies, a tri-fold display board, some hefty laminating sheets, and some velcro dots, you, too, can have a ginormous, portable, vertical chess board!

Pieces are not to scale, but I didn’t want to buy another set of laminating packets. The squares are 4 x 4 inches, and 3inches pieces would have been nice, but I can deal with this.  Here’s hoping it will hold up well throughout the semester.

The real question is: How many weeks until the kids are beating me on a regular basis? I’m guessing maybe 2.

One response to “DIY Teacher’s Chess Board

  1. Kiersten, the board looks great! I’d like to spark an interest in chess for the kids at my town library and this teaching board is just the kind of project I needed to see completed before I made my own. Great post.

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