It was a glorious afternoon!

The temperature today got to 72*. The wind was light, and there was not a cloud to be found. Tuesday’s high is supposed to be in the mid to low 20s, so today’s assignment was to get as much sun and fresh air as possible before we batten down the hatches again in a couple days.

Kaele worked her hocus pocus on the garden. It looked like she was just playing in the dirt, but I’m sure it was something very productive, and something I would manage to bungle. Also, I’m sure it had something to do with her cow poop collection, and that’s something she can play with all by herself, thank you.

The girls ran, jump roped, blew bubbles, and biked around in the alleys behind the house. I sat and knit and “supervised.”

Andy shot 1,374, 968 baskets and counting.

Jonathan and Sean joined the rest of the population of the Wichita metropolitan area at Sim Golf Course, where I understand tee times and parking places could not be got for love or money.  Thankfully, a friend had called well in advance to set up a tee time, and they started as soon as the frost had cleared this morning.

When the little girls came in for rest time, I moved from the Garden District to the front porch and knit and soaked in some sunshine.

I think I burnt my face in the sun!


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