-20* Wind Chill

I can hardly believe I wrote the post before this one.  We woke up in the arctic tundra today, and are walking around the house like Michelin Man clones, proving the formula


in which P=pounds of clothing, V=volume of whining about the cold, R=realistic chances of seeing your own breath inside the house, T=perceived temperature and n is that weird constant that takes a 40lb book to discover. I still have my book from my former life as a Chemistry major.

Anyway, we’re all hunkered down with our blankets, space heaters and extra underwear, keeping to our school routines despite Katie’s request that we have a snow day today. (Really, Kate? So you can what? Play outside? Are you mad?)

In the interests of a balanced story on the Kate, she did produce this drawing today:

My scanner is having a spat with my SD card, so until they reconcile, the best I can do is a photo of her cool drawing. She asked me if we could add Art to her school work and we started with drawing.  This is done with pencil and charcoal (we gave her the charcoal for Christmas…coal for Christmas! Aren’t we cruel!?). Not bad considering she was wearing 3 pairs of mittens, eh? I’m kidding.

We’re looking forward to Chicken & Dumplings for dinner tonight. And I think it would be in everyone’s best interests if I used the oven to help heat the house, so I’m going to throw together a pumpkin pie. Not for the pie, of course, but for the heat. Of course.

4 responses to “-20* Wind Chill

  1. Be careful! Making pumpkin pie for the heat might have your children praying for more days with windchills like that!

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