Several months ago, Katie asked if Art could be one of her school subjects. After a few moments of abject terror at the idea of me teaching Art to anyone (my stick figures need serious help), I remembered that I live in the blessed era of Home Schooling in which there are a bazillion books available for every conceivable thing.

A friend of mine had taught watercolors to my sons’ class in our co op, so I emailed her to ask about resources, and she graciously shared several with me. We started (well, Katie started) with the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and it was terrific. She finished that a couple of weeks ago, and this last week she began studying watercolors.

We started with the book my friend had used to teach the class, and this week on our library trip, Katie took the initiative to find some helpful books on watercolor techniques. There were so many available that we just grabbed 6-7 and left the rest for other trips. She’s been reading through them and produced this today during school (Yes, it’s June, and yes, it’s Saturday, and yes, I said school.):

The three artistic cells in my body (the ones that inspire some yarn dyeing) think this is incredibly cool. I can’t wait to see what kinds of things she produces. We thought it would be really neat to have a good foundation in Drawing and some experience with Watercolors before we went to the mountains again this summer.

Someone else thinks Katie is incredibly cool with all this painting stuff:

Ellie’s a little shy of showing off her “hockey mouth” at the moment. It might have something to do with her mother asking her to say “thistle” all the time…


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