36 in 366

This year  joined a group of friends online in a “36 in 366” project.I listed 36 things I’d like to do this year. Some of them are huge (sorting through all the books all over the house, including the basement), and some of them are relatively small (make and go to those appointments that are part of turning 40).

Some in this same group are also attempting to set aside time each day for creative work, and I jumped right on that as well. So while I may not have a picture every day, I’m going to try and work on something each day that’s not for the shop or for a commission.

Yesterday I killed two birds with one stone by casting on a sock with some yarn that a dear friend sent me for Christmas.  The pattern is on my list of patterns to complete for the year, and it’s for me, so I’m counting it as daily creativity! Actually, I’m going to count it for yesterday and today, as I’ve logged a few minutes on it already this morning.

Isn’t that fun? Cable city!

It really is refreshing to plan out a few things for the year and have a couple days of working towards those goals. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens through the year!

Happy New Year to you all!


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