Snapshot 1/3/12

From left to right:

The new cell phone that came via FedEx one day earlier than expected, and assorted start up literature. Is the new phone activated? Nope. Apparently “they” are unable to do so because we weren’t supposed to get the phones until tomorrow. Brilliant.

A Christmas gift in the works. It’s not late. It just has to be done by the end of the week.

The first of my 12 in 2012 knitting projects, and evidence that I did indeed work on something creative for myself for at least 15 minutes today AND worked on my 36 in 366.

My Knitters Almanac scarf, with 3 days of 2012 Kansas skies knit on it. This is such a frivolous project, and my first dally with concept knitting. I can’t imagine how interesting this thing will be in a few months.

Not pictured: Daisy the dog, who has transitioned really well into an inside dog. The expected catastrophes are limited to the mangling of a plastic Smurf toy (I’m sure he had it coming) and some of Katie’s cheetos this afternoon. She followed Katie around for more for quite some time. Apparently we have a fan.


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