Cookie Quest: The Journey Begins

Katie is amazing. There is just no getting around it. She has more creative drive than should be able to fit in her short little self, and she continues to amaze us day after day.

Today Katie decided to get into a new book she got for Christmas, a recipe book entirely devoted to cookies. She really had to twist my arm to go to the baking aisle at the store today, but she persevered, and tonight she made the first of what will certainly be a long and delicious journey through the book.

Tonight, Katie made something that should probably be a controlled substance. The book had a boring name for these, but we have renamed them “Chocolate Bombs.”  Chocolate Bombs contain, among the normal ingredients, chopped white chocolate, pecans, semi sweet chips, milk chocolate chips, and melted chocolate squares.  That wasn’t quite enough for Miss Katie, so she threw together (I kid you not. The kid was just grabbing stuff and throwing it in the pot.) a chocolate glaze to drizzle on top. Was this glaze an option in the recipe? No, ma’am, it was not. Katie just decided it needed a little something. This goes in the book as Home Ec 9000, and she gets an A+.

Have a lookie:

Are you drooling? I’ve had 2, and I still want to plant my face in this plate. Want to get a little closer?

Please excuse the blurries. It was very hard keeping both hands on the camera.

Chocolate Bombs. My new favorite cookie!

My next new favorite cookie has dried cranberries in it. I hope she makes them soon!


3 responses to “Cookie Quest: The Journey Begins

  1. This kid is on her way to being a chef extraordinaire! I’ve always thought the way to great results in the kitchen is the freedom to add things to the mix you think would improve the product. The best news of all is that she’s IN the kitchen. So few people have the patience to cook these days. It’s a terrible loss to our culture. So Congrats to a great chef!

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