Summer Recap 1

Like everyone else in the world, I can’t believe Summer has gone so quickly. It looked like it was going to be a noticeable slow down from the Spring, but I should have known better. We had a great summer, and I even have a few pictures to put up here.

We spent a lot of time with golf and basketball.  Jonathan, Andy & Katie did Junior Golf again, and again, it was fabulous. They all made great improvements, and had a lot of fun. Do I have any pictures from that 8-week activity? Nope. Nice work, Mom!

However, Katie saved the day by taking some pictures during the other big activity of the Summer: MAYB basketball. Jonathan (and then Andy) got to practice and play in tournaments with some of the Defenders High School team, and some talented friends and relatives of those players.


It was a great opportunity for Jonathan to work on his skills and get some playing time. Andy got to sit on the bench, keep stats, and even get a few minutes though he’s still a Junior High player.

Penny for your thoughts?


Hey, lookie there! Both boys on the court at the same time! Makes a Momma proud!


Some of those boys were BIG.


The boys had the benefit of a great teacher helping them to be better players and better men. Thanks, Rod!


On the right side of the picture, you can see Coach Brown who started working with the HS boys. On the left, you can see the fruit loop keeping the book for the game. (It was so much fun! And I had the best seat in the gym!)

More to come…



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