Freezer Cooking Baby Steps

There are a million blog posts and Pinterest Pins for freezer cooking. If you don’t believe me, just google “freezer cooking” and prepare to lose days of your life poring over all the possibilities.

School and volleyball are in full swing, along with occasional basketball practices for Jonathan, Andy & Katie, and piano for the girls. We’re prepping for a 5K run/walk and a craft fair, both of which are happening in the next 2 weeks. Katie usually loves to cook for us, but she is very short on extra time at the moment. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to try a little freezer cooking, especially since I had no big commitments today.

Andy and I went out yesterday and did our normal grocery shopping trip for the next two weeks. I’d planned the menu toward more freezer-friendly choices. Here is most of what Ellie and I did this morning:

Spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage, garlic & onion

Pan Burritos (thank you to Nicole Hale for the recipe!)

Teryaki Chicken (crock pot)

Pork marinating for pork fried rice


We portioned out the meat from 2 chickens (thanks to Andy for the meat-picking) and have it ready for:

Chicken Pasta Caesar Salad

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Rice Burritos

Chicken & Dumplings

Not shown are 9 jars of chicken stock, 2.5lbs browned hamburger and home made ranch dressing.

I’m hoping it will be a huge time saver for us these next two weeks!


3 responses to “Freezer Cooking Baby Steps

  1. Awesome work! I love freezer cooking, love love love 🙂 Those burritos are such a great freezer meal, and you’re welcome!

  2. Great job! I’ve been thinking more and more about this, and I think it would be a real blessing to my family if I worked toward this kind of thing. Thanks for the inspiration!

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