Tulip Tree Report: April 11


I was so thrilled that Mom and my sister could identify the tree in front of the house when they were here earlier this month. I was so intrigued by the huge buds that had been there since we moved in, but didn’t recognize the tree at all.  It turns out to be a tulip tree, and this tree seems to be quite popular in this neighborhood. Now that I know what I’m looking at, I’ve found lots of them around here.


We noticed on Sunday that some of the buds looked like they were about to open, and today Katie took some photos to document the transformation.


It’s a bit of a grey day here, but the blooms are lovely, clouds notwithstanding.


It’s amazing to think of all these flowers on a tree!


I was so glad the storms last night left the tree relatively unscathed.  There are so many buds still waiting to bloom!

I told the kids that this Spring is like Christmas. We have no idea what the bushes, trees, and beds around here hold, and there are many surprises to anticipate. This tulip tree is a fabulous Spring gift!


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